Sage Rosemary


Traditional white sage bundled with peppery, woody rosemary to make up this wild herbal blend.


Traditional white sage bundled with peppery, woody rosemary to make up this wild herbal blend.

In ancient times, Rosemary was believed to strengthen the mind and memory, making it the perfect accompaniment to white sage when smudging during meditation practices.

Sage cleansing is an effective way to clear out any negative, unwanted or stagnant energy from both objects and surroundings.

This practice dates back to prehistoric times and it’s been documented as having been used in every corner of the world by our ancestors, most notably by Native American tribes.

In addition to removing unwanted energy sage cleansing helps to enhance your intuition and ensure a deep cleanse of our energetic body.

When to smudge:

  • when moving in to a new space
  • prior to meditation or healing exercise
  • feeling the need for an energetic boost
  • on return from holidays

Purpose of smudging:

  • purify unwanted energy
  • balance and uplift surroundings
  • aid in manifestation meditation
  • remove bacteria from the air
  • heighten intuition and increase spiritual awareness

Cleansing guide:

Cleanse your space by lighting the sage stick and allowing to burn for a couple of seconds before gently blowing out the flame, carry the sage to each corner of your space allowing the space to capture any unwanted energy

Take a moment before smudging to determine exactly what you’re releasing, then decide what you’d like to attract and use this as your mantra whiles completing your smudging practice

Use your abalone shell to carry your sage around your space, it cradles your sage stick, can take the heat from the burning herbs and catch the hot cinders that fall away

  • keep a window or door open as a pathway for smoke and unwanted energy to escape and welcome fresh neutral air
  • store in a dry dark place
  • keep out of reach of children, animals and any flammable materials