Manifest bundle


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Manifest Bundle


Pause.Penny manifestation box & Smudge Studio crystal kit

Pause.Penny manifestation box

Seven Cards, Seven Days, Seven Minutes Manifestation Practice


Manifestation is the process of bringing your desired reality into existence, through thoughts, visualization, and most importantly, actions.

With our Seven Cards, Seven Days, Seven Minutes Manifestation Practice pack we help to introduce you, or a loved one, into the art of manifesting your desires.

This Manifestation pack is perfect for someone who is looking to start their journey into Manifesting. Someone who may be curious to delve into the philosophy behind The Law of Attraction. Someone who wants to make a conscious shift towards a more positive impact on their life.

Our packs are broken down into three Manifesting journeys. Included in the pack is a Guide to Manifestation, giving you all the information you need for a successful practice.

It runs you through the importance of the full visualization of your dreams and desires.

Going through the what, why, see, hear, feel, action and the gratitude actions of the practice.

The pack is designed so you can easily return to any part of the Manifestation process that you may want to meditate on again, and compact and stylish enough to rest on your bedside table.

Smudge Studio crystal kit

Consciously sourced crystals to assist you on your manifestation journey

Crystal kit options

Love/Self Love:

Rose quartz- The stone of universal love, opens the heart to promote love, self love, friendship, deep inner healing and peace.

Amethyst- Super spiritual, helps clear the crown chakra and fill us with the light of enlightenment.

Selenite- Purification and serenity, it clears the mind expands ones self awareness.

Blue Quartz- Calming, balancing, healing, this stone offers hope happiness and peace.


Citrine- The stone of abundance, along with aiding you to manifest wealth, prosperity, and success, Citrine will also help to activate your creativity and intuition, amplify willpower and motivation, align your energy.

Emerald- Often referred to as the stone of success, love and abundance. One of the most regal stones in the Crystal world, Emerald stones magnetically draw love, wealth and good fortune.

Pyrite- The stone of willpower. Traditionally known as fools gold or healers gold, it can bring forth financial growth. Pyrite can be used to increase vitality during times of hard work, helping to attract abundance, wealth and a sharp focus.

White quartz- This powerful stone will purify any negativity from your energy field. Enjoy increased confidence whiles harnessing power and thinking successfully.


Smoky Quartz- Protect your aura from unwanted vibrations, Smoky Quartz has the power to help you transfer lower energies to higher vibrational energies.

Tree Agate- A stone of Inner peace. It is a strong rooted stone, grounding you to the earth, helping you to enjoy a lightness of your heart, mind and spirit.

Red Jasper- A full bodied red stone connected to our root chakra to ground, anchor and support. A soul nurturing companion when you desire some stability.

Moonstone- Channel the moon and be reminded of the moons ability to shine a light over darkness. If you are feeling lost, let Moonstones energy shine a light on your path and guide you through your journey.

Create your own:

Pick any 4 crystals of your choice. Create a combination unique to you. Simply leave a note at checkout listing your choice or give a brief description of what you’d like to manifest and allow us to choose the appropriate crystals that align with your desires.