Crystal mushrooms


Crystal mushrooms

Amethyst- (purple)

Rose Quartz- (rose)

Green adventurine- (green)

Rhodonite- (pink & black)

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Crystal mushrooms-

Known to be a symbol of good luck, new beginnings and transformation, carry your crystal mushrooms with you to support you on your journey,

They are often associated with spiritual growth, enlightenment, and rebirth,

Amethyst- (purple) protection, tranquility, meditation, purification.
Chakra- Crown/ Third eye

Rose Quartz- (rose) love, self love, joy, peace, calm, emotional healing, friendship.
Chakra- Heart

Green adventurine- (green) good luck, prosperity, new opportunities, manifesting.
Chakra- Heart

Rhodonite- (pink & black) support and inner strength,compassion, connect to your inner child and bring an energy of curiosity, playfulness and free spirit.
Chakra- Heart

Crystal type

Amethyst, Green adventurine, Rose Quartz, Rhodonite