Chakra selenite bar


Chakra selenite bar

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Polished chakra selenite bar, perfect to cleanse, charge or display your crystal collection.

Selenite, with its gentle and light vibration is excellent for emitting pure white light energy.

This light promotes healing, peace, calm and wellbeing and expels unwanted energy.

Selenite is a highly spiritual stone helping us to open up to higher frequencies, it is the ultimate energy tool to purify, cleanse and elevate your home plus everyone and everything in it.

Place your selenite charging plate in any area you want to keep uplifted and soaked in pure white light.

Selenite has a divine power to charge other crystals, simply place your crystals on your charging plate and allow to recharge for at least 4 hours.

*It is very important to keep selenite dry as it is a soft and porous material

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Dimensions 20 cm