Carnelian tumble stone


Carnelian is often spoken about for being a stone of courage.

Tumble stones are rounded, polished and smooth to touch.

They attain powerful energy to aid healing.

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Carnelian is often spoken about for being a stone of courage.

It is a symbol of bold energy, endurance, energy, bravery, leadership with a warmth of pure joy that lingers.

  • It empowers and motivates for success
  • Roots a deep trust in yourself
  • A magnet for prosperity and good luck

Carnelian is captivating like a flash of a fiery sunset.

Each individual crystal has its own unique electro magnetic charge, these charges or healing vibrations interact with the bodies energy centres to remove blockages.

Healing crystals have been used for thousands of years by ancient civilisations; the Egyptians, Aztecs and others incorporated them into jewellery, cosmetics statues and much more.

In Sumerian times they believed crystals had fallen from the sky as gifts from their ancestors.

Crystals have great powers of manifestation.

There are many ways to work with crystals here are just a few:

  • carry it with you throughout the day
  • place them in any areas you’ll be spending time
  • use during meditation to set an intention (each time you see or feel the crystal think of that intention)
  • use as a gratitude stone- every time you see or feel your crystal think of something you’re grateful for

As every crystal is so beautifully unique each one will differ in size, colour and shape.